How to Capitalise on the Athleisure Trend in Your Skin Care Business

The biggest fashion trend of the 2010s is undoubtedly 'athleisure'—workout clothing worn outside of the gym as well as inside it. In fact, the rise in athleisure is so big that experts are calling are calling it "the new casual". With athleisure here to stay and Australians spending more money on fitness than ever before, business owners in all industries should be looking to capitalise on this gym-wear trend—including in skin care. [Read More]

Change Up Your Hair with these Restructuring Solutions

Just as there are different body shapes and sizes, hair comes in a wide array of types! From coarse and fine hair, to straight and curly, your hair profile can vastly differ from the next person. Not to mention that curls would also have varying degrees of waves and kinks too. Thus, it is not surprising that some people may not be happy with their natural hair profile and would be looking to restructure it. [Read More]

Top Reasons to Invest In a Nail Dryer

The process of drying newly manicured nails can take a significant amount of time. Thus, you would have to schedule your manicure around your plans to make sure your nails are done and dried before you go about your day. Fortunately, there is a faster way of doing this. Most people may assume that nail drying devices are exclusively designed for professional salons but the reality is anybody who is a nail polish enthusiast can make the most of this device. [Read More]

Why Opt for Professional Hair Removal Versus DIY Treatments

There are many options on the market today for those who want to tackle unwanted body or facial hair at home, on their own; you can certainly shave virtually any area of your body, pluck individual hairs, or use an at-home waxing kit to rip out those hairs by their roots. Each of these methods may offer some immediate benefits, but they may not be the best option overall. Note why a professional salon treatment may be a better choice for hair removal versus trying to remove hair at home, on your own, so you can make the best and safest choice for your own beauty and skincare needs. [Read More]