How to Capitalise on the Athleisure Trend in Your Skin Care Business

The biggest fashion trend of the 2010s is undoubtedly 'athleisure'—workout clothing worn outside of the gym as well as inside it. In fact, the rise in athleisure is so big that experts are calling are calling it "the new casual". With athleisure here to stay and Australians spending more money on fitness than ever before, business owners in all industries should be looking to capitalise on this gym-wear trend—including in skin care.

If you're wondering how athleisure relates to skin care, you've likely never heard the term 'athleisure beauty'. Recently coined, athleisure beauty refers to cosmetic products that are suitable for working out, further blending the lines of casual and athletic life. Here's how you can bring this major trend into your skin care brand this year.

Powerful, Gentle Cleansers

Many modern women (and men) aren't willing to forgo looking good, even when at the gym. The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat only increases the pressure to wear makeup while working out. Of course, sweating in makeup isn't ideal, and skin can suffer after made-up workouts—especially if it's not cleaned properly. People will want to go the extra mile to make sure they're getting all the makeup off their clogged skin; take advantage of this by introducing or promoting a powerful cleansing serum or lotion. Of course, it's important to remember that such cleansers should be gentle on skin, as they'll be used frequently and sometimes vigorously.

Tinted Moisturisers and BB Creams

If you sell tinted moisturises or BB cream in your skin care line, now's the time to push it. If you don't, consider adding it to your range. Gym-goers know that heavy makeup is a bad idea on the treadmill, so many will be looking for the lightest possible coverage. Tinted creams offer just that, combining the power of foundation with the skin-friendliness of a lotion. Make sure to focus your marketing efforts on promoting how light or thin your product is, as these are the qualities your customers will be looking for. Remember that matte moisturisers will sell best, as they have the added benefit of obscuring sweating.

Sweat-Reducing Ingredients

On the subject of sweating, don't forget to think about putting sweat-reducing ingredients at the forefront of your manufacturing. Sweat may be natural, but many people find it embarrassing. This is an especially significant concern now that athleisure is here to stay; fitness enthusiasts are likely to leave the gym in workout clothes, and no one wants to walk the streets with a glistening face that makes them look like they're wearing the sweaty clothes they worked out in. Sell skin care products that are made with ingredients like natural clay, which soaks up oil and moisture. Alcohol-free witch hazel is also a great way to stop excessive sweating. These ingredients have the added benefit of ensuring that tinted creams stay on the skin throughout the workout without dripping off.

Contact a skin care manufacturer for additional ideas.