Change Up Your Hair with these Restructuring Solutions

Just as there are different body shapes and sizes, hair comes in a wide array of types! From coarse and fine hair, to straight and curly, your hair profile can vastly differ from the next person. Not to mention that curls would also have varying degrees of waves and kinks too. Thus, it is not surprising that some people may not be happy with their natural hair profile and would be looking to restructure it. Technological advancements in the hair industry have made it easier for you to get the hair you desire, even permanently if you so wish! If you are looking to restructure your hair profile, read on to find out the various solutions that would be available to you at a beauty salon.

Bio ionic hair straightening

As the name implies, this type of hair restructuring treatment functions to give you straight tresses. For some people, having curly hair can be quite a nuisance, particularly during the Australian summer when humidity is high, and frizziness becomes a way of life. With bio ionic straightening, you get the opportunity to transform your wavy hair into bone-straight tresses that will not curl at the drop of a hat.

After undergoing bio ionic hair straightening, your morning hair ritual can be significantly shorter as your hair will remain straight and smooth, even as you step out of the shower. It should be noted that bio ionic hair straightening is a permanent procedure. Therefore, your hair will be unable to hold any curls once you have this treatment done. Thus, careful consideration should be put in mind beforehand to make sure you would not miss having wavy hair.

Permanent curls

On the flip side, if you have straight hair and are bored of having to take a curling iron to your head every single time you want some waves, then you may want to consider opting for a permanent curling treatment. Commonly referred to as a perm, this hair restructuring treatment will provide you with voluminous curls that you may not have been able to achieve by merely using rollers or a curling iron.

The great thing about a perm is that it is semi-permanent. Thus, you get to experiment with this treatment for several months before your hair goes back to its natural structure. Nonetheless, take note that bold curls do come with added maintenance to make sure that they do not succumb to frizz, so you would have to learn how to maintain your new hair profile.