Top Reasons to Invest In a Nail Dryer

The process of drying newly manicured nails can take a significant amount of time. Thus, you would have to schedule your manicure around your plans to make sure your nails are done and dried before you go about your day. Fortunately, there is a faster way of doing this. Most people may assume that nail drying devices are exclusively designed for professional salons but the reality is anybody who is a nail polish enthusiast can make the most of this device. Good quality LED dryers can provide you with a host of benefits that would make manicuring your nails a quick and easy process. The following are some top reasons why you should invest in a nail dryer.

Accelerated drying time

The most prominent reason why you should purchase a dryer as part of your nail supplies is the enhanced drying time that you get to enjoy. With a nail dryer, your nail polish will set in a matter of a few minutes, rather than you having to subject yourself to blowing on your nails or waving your fingers in the air. As a result, you get more time on your hands to be productive, rather than spend an hour or so getting your nails done.

Ideal for a range of nail polishes

One thing to note about nail polish is that the constancy is different from one type to another. Therefore, the rate at which one type of nail polish will dry can be significantly disparate from another. These different drying rates can make it difficult for you to plan your day, as you never know how long it would take you to complete your manicure. The great thing about a nail dryer is that it works on all types of nail polish. Whether you have applied shellac, which takes a long time to dry, or gel nail polish, you are guaranteed that your nails will be set in a short period.

Prevention of smudges

Another reason why to consider investing in a nail dryer is to minimise accidental smudging and smearing of your nail polish. When you are trying to dry your nails manually, there is an increased risk of messing up the finish as you either knock on something or brush your nails against a surface. When your nails are in a dryer, they are in a confined space, so they will not come into contact with anything. Hence, you are more likely to have a perfect finish once your polish sets.