Why Opt for Professional Hair Removal Versus DIY Treatments

There are many options on the market today for those who want to tackle unwanted body or facial hair at home, on their own; you can certainly shave virtually any area of your body, pluck individual hairs, or use an at-home waxing kit to rip out those hairs by their roots. Each of these methods may offer some immediate benefits, but they may not be the best option overall. Note why a professional salon treatment may be a better choice for hair removal versus trying to remove hair at home, on your own, so you can make the best and safest choice for your own beauty and skincare needs.


Salons need to adhere to strict rules regarding sanitation, including how they clean and sanitize their tools, work stations, and every other area of the salon. Salon workers and technicians may also have rules they follow about hand washing, wearing gloves, and coming into contact with skin or skincare products. This means a clean and hygienic atmosphere for your hair removal needs, as opposed to using items at home that you may not clean as thoroughly. An old and rusty razor blade, applicators that have been used more than once, and an unclean bathroom surface can increase your risk of developing infections and other irritating skin conditions when you remove body or facial hair at home.

Safer techniques

Many hair removal processes you use at home will irritate the skin, or the hair shafts themselves, so that you wind up with bumps on the skin, red and inflamed areas, or very visible pores. A professional hair removal technician will know the best method for removing hair, based on the texture of the hair, the area of the body you want treated, and your skin itself. This will mean smoother skin without irritation after the hair is removed.

Thorough job

Even with the best lighting in your home, you are bound to miss some hairs when you try to remove them on your own; a bathroom light may illuminate fine hairs so that they become virtually invisible and easy to miss, or you may not be able to properly light areas under your chin. Trying to wax or shave areas of the back or groin can also mean hair that you overlook and that are very bothersome and unattractive. A professional will have a better view of an area that you want addressed and will ensure all unwanted hairs are removed, so you look and feel your best.

For more information about hair and fair hair removal, contact a professional.